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At Green Lake Getaways, our story began with two passionate local businessmen, each skilled in their respective fields of real estate and property management. Together, we bring a wealth of expertise and a shared commitment to excellence in every aspect of your experience. Our philosophy is simple: we partner with individuals who share our passion for delivering the best vacation rental and management experiences possible. Welcome to Green Lake Getaways, where every detail is crafted with care and dedication to your satisfaction.

Owners and Partners

“Unlocking Success: Harmonizing Property Management and Real Estate Expertise for Vacation Rental Owners and Partners”

Jim Emmer

Jim Emmer has an extraordinary journey in the real estate industry, shaped by his upbringing on a farm where he learned the value of hard work and a deep appreciation for the land. Transitioning from farming to real estate, Jim brought with him a strong work ethic and a passion for serving his community.

Building his company from the ground up, Jim has cultivated a remarkable team of dedicated employees and agents who share his commitment to hard work and excellence. Green Lake initially served as a retreat for Jim and his family, but it soon became much more. Falling in love with the area and its people, Jim saw an opportunity to merge his passion for real estate with his love for the community. Recognizing the potential of Green Lake as a destination for new families and homeowners, Jim embarked on a mission to share the beauty of the area with others. Through his invaluable insights and expertise in the vacation rental industry, Jim aims to add value for both buyers and sellers while inviting more people to experience the tranquility and charm of Green Lake.

Timothy Bachleitner

Timothy Bachleitner has been dedicated to serving homeowners for over 20 years, showcasing a wide array of skills from cleaning to maintenance to remodels. In fact, much of his expertise was honed by the diverse needs of the homeowners he served. Often hired for one task, his meticulous attention to detail would impress clients so much that they would entrust him with a multitude of other projects, earning him the reputation of a “Jack of all trades.”

A decade ago, Timothy relocated his large family of 10 children to the Green Lake Area, where they developed a profound love for the region’s beauty and simplicity. The lake became a source of cherished memories, from watching their little ones learn to swim to sharing the tranquility of a sunset together. In 2022, they began offering property management services, and with each new request, their scope expanded. Homeowners sought Timothy’s expertise not only in maintaining their properties but also in finding the perfect guests to share their homes with. Green Lake Getaway is fortunate to have Timothy, intimately knowledgeable about the nuances of home care, ensuring the financial success of the short-term rental industry while preserving the essence of each property.

Local Hosts


Lisa is a devoted wife and mother of two delightful girls. With extensive training and expertise as a nurse, she possesses a natural talent for administration and organization. While Lisa is proficient in all aspects of property management, her specialization lies in the seamless onboarding and integration of owners into the world of Short Term Rentals. Additionally, she excels in enhancing the booking and online guest experiences for those vacationing through Green Lake Getaways.


Kristin is a dedicated wife and mother of ten wonderful children. With all the necessary skills in short-term rental management, she excels in providing a unique touch to enhance the guest experience. Kristin deeply understands the hopes and desires of every guest vacationing through Green Lake Getaways. She works diligently to assist every homeowner in presenting their home as an unforgettable vacation destination.


Timothy is happily married and the proud father of ten amazing children. As the visionary member of the team, Timothy has been intimately involved in every aspect of property management. From the nitty-gritty of toilet cleaning to routine maintenance and remodels, he has lent his expertise. Now, he specializes in ensuring that owners not only cherish their home away from home but also that it remains financially sustainable—a cherished treasure for the entire family and future generations.

Collaborating Partners

Our mission is to help people achieve their real estate goals through our proven non-traditional methods.
Our mission is to serve as the trusted partner of property owners, providing them with peace of mind through our precise, reliable, and fair management services.”

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